Keynote Speaker*

Alberta E. Pos, PhD

Dr. Alberta E. Pos is presently an associate professor on the clinical psychology faculty, adult clinical stream, in the department of psychology at York University in Toronto where she has been training and supervising doctoral students in EFT and local professionals for several years. She has been involved in training EFT therapists with Dr. Leslie Greenberg for over 15 years, and has independently run multi-day international trainings in China and Canada. She is a recognized supervisor for training EFT therapists internationally as well. During her training years, Dr. Pos participated as a therapist in several research trials on EFT, including EFT RCTs for depression, and for emotional injury for both individuals and couples.

Dr. Pos is presently engaged in a number of funded research initiatives to study the process of change in EFT, with a particular focus on individual differences in clients' engagement in EFT's key processes such as empathy, alliance and emotional processing. Dr. Pos has also published several papers on EFT and emotional processing, one of which resulted in her being awarded the New Researcher Award from the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration in 2011. She is now an active steering committee member for this organization. Having also been trained in CBT and Dialectical Behavior Therapy for borderline personality disorder, Dr. Pos is now working on applying and adapting EFT for more complex populations such as personality disorders, particularly borderline and avoidant PDs. A further recent interest is in how to do productive chair-work with populations vulnerable to emotional dys-regulation. Even more recently Dr. Pos has been collaborating with Dr. Greenberg and the Breuninger Foundation in developing an intervention for increasing emotional competence in female leaders. She is a recipient of a York Catalyst Award to support this new line of research.

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